Reading the Bible in 90 Days – 10 Reflections

For the last few years I’ve begun each year by reading the whole bible over a 60-90 day period. At the end of March I finished this years plan and decided to reflect upon some of the benefits I’ve personally found in reading the whole of the bible through over a short space of time. I really do pray it encourages and persuades you to pick up God’s word!

Reading the Bible in 90 Days (Chronologically) – 10 Reflections

1) It is possible to read the whole bible in a short space of time – don’t believe the lie that it isn’t. Personally I find it easier than a year plan & more beneficial. Have enough time for scrolling social media? Then you have enough time to read the bible over 60-90 days!

2) Many people don’t feel they have the time, desire or ability to read through the whole bible in a few months. However, when you set time aside every day to read God’s word you begin to form a habit. From there it becomes natural to daily read the bible. Repetition forms habit.

3) In line with that, the more you read God’s Word the more you will fall in love with reading it and recognise it as your daily bread. It will quickly stop feeling as though it’s a chore or a box to tick and become sustenance for your daily walk.

4) Reading the whole bible in a short space of time allows you to really grasp the whole narrative. This is not simply 66 books thrown together with no purpose but a beautiful narrative of God’s faithfulness to restore mankind with Jesus at the centre of the whole story.

5) Throughout the whole bible God’s character shines through. He is faithful, merciful and gracious even in spite of mankind’s continued unfaithfulness and rebellion. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and His heart is fully revealed through the person of Jesus Christ.

6) Reading the whole bible through in a shorter space of time gives you greater understanding and context of what the writer is trying to communicate. So often we apply scriptures to our life without knowing the context in which they were written and this isn’t always helpful.

7) The end of the bible ends as beautifully as it begins. The Lord will dwell with us, His chosen people & He will be our God. He’ll wipe away every tear, death will be no more & mourning and pain will cease. The bible gives us hope for today & tomorrow. If you need it, read it.

8) There are many benefits to reading the whole bible in a short space of time but this method cannot replace the daily study and meditation of God’s word. There were many times I wanted to stop, reflect and soak but my reading schedule would not allow it as I would’ve liked.

9) There is so much gold in every book of the bible. Choosing one scripture a day that had spoken to me was extremely difficult (I shared these daily on Twitter), especially when I crossed into the New Testament and was reading multiple epistles in one sitting. Reading the whole bible will transform your life!

10) What you meditate on you magnify and what you focus on you feed. Spending so much time in God’s word will only benefit us emotionally and spiritually. Right now there is so much fear and uncertainty around. Take a break from social media & devote yourself to God’s Word.


If any of you are interested in reading through the whole bible chronologically over the next 90 days please check this plan out on the YouVersion Bible App. What better way to spend some of your time when in self-isolation?

‘Every Word, a Reader’s 90-Day Guide to the Bible’.

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