Does the thought of sharing your faith fill you with dread?

Do you see communicating the Gospel as an arduous and difficult task?

Perhaps you’ve never led someone into a relationship with Jesus, or you’ve decided to leave evangelism primarily to the so-called ‘professionals’.

If so, you must read this book!

Written from the perspective of an introvert, this book, unlike any other, will stir within you a desire to pursue after God and embrace the universal call to share the Good News!

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Reuben Morley

Reuben is married to Tamar and together they have three children, Isla, Robyn and Isaac.

Working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Reuben’s utmost passion is to see others come to know the hope found in Jesus Christ and see the Church find their voice to courageously proclaim the Gospel. 

Alongside his faith, Reuben is an avid runner, reader and fan of Liverpool FC. He loves spending time with his family at Knowsley Safari Park riding the snake and carousel and isn’t a stranger to playing a game or two on Xbox Live.

The Introverted Evangelist is Reuben’s debut book. His desire is to get it into the hands of as many Christians as possible who struggle to share their faith. He also has a vision to be able to give it out freely to Christian Union’s across the UK to help the Gen-Z generation (ages 10-24) grow in confidence to make Jesus known. 



Does the thought of sharing your faith fill you with dread? Do you carry a conviction to witness but often find preaching the Gospel an arduous and challenging task? Perhaps you’ve never led someone into a relationship with Jesus, or you’ve decided to leave evangelism primarily to the so-called ‘professionals’. If so, I want to encourage you to read this book. Why? Because The Introverted Evangelist was written specifically with you in mind.

The book you are about to read is an honest and vulnerable account of what God has done in my own life. It’s a story of how I, an introvert, came to discover the universal call to know Jesus and make Him known.

As this book sits in your hands, my prayer is that faith would begin to arise in your heart. A faith that would draw you closer to the heart of God and in turn, stir within you a courage and confidence to begin to share the greatest message of all, the Gospel, with those around you.

So here’s a little about me. Growing up, unless I was around immediate family or close friends, I found myself timid, shy and reserved. I remember the times at Gilmour Infant School, sitting in assembly at the age of five and getting overly upset if my teacher wasn’t the first to collect our class for the day ahead. I also remember standing on stage at church with twenty other peers for a rendition of the ‘Millennium Prayer’, a song by Cliff Richard. As I looked out at the smiling congregation, I found myself trying my hardest to hold back the tears, believing every eye was fixed upon me alone. Whether I was sent to the corner shop to ask the man behind the till for bread and milk, or whether I was involved in the everyday task of small-talk – these moments were often found to be demanding, difficult and uncomfortable.   

As the years went by, I slowly grew in confidence. In fact, in my last year of primary school, I even managed to be cast not only as an orphan in our school summer show, Annie, but also as James Bond in the same play! Despite this, if anyone was to find a personality label etched into my forehead, it would still clearly read one word – introvert.

After a few initial ‘failed’ attempts at sharing my faith at the age of eleven, I told myself never again, and determined to firmly keep my lips shut when it came to discussing the things of God. This eventually led me down a path of being ashamed of the Gospel entirely, wanting nothing to do with Christianity at all.

Four years on, everything changed. As you will read in chapter three, I unexpectedly made the decision to surrender my life back to God. In one moment, I became captivated by my Saviour and fell in love with His word. All of a sudden, every previous excuse I held of why I couldn’t share my faith with others was thrown out of the window. Knowing Jesus began to fuel my desire to make Him known, and despite my introverted tendencies, silence was no longer an option.

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